Tai Chi

Tai Chi, originally developed as a martial art form, is an ancient Chinese medicine involving a series of slow, repetitive movements accompanied by deep breathing.  Based on co-ordination and relaxation, Tai Chi has seen a recent growth in popularity and is practised around the world today as a health-promoting exercise.

 As tai chi is low impact and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, it is especially suitable for older adults and those who are frail or at high risk of developing frailty. Tai Chi provides numerous health benefits which are particularly important amongst older people with frailty, including increased strength, reduced blood pressure and improved cognitive function. Current evidence indicates that tai chi also may help in the management and/or prevention of numerous medical conditions common in older people with frailty, including osteoporosis and arthritis, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, insomnia, Alzheimer’s and depression.  










Tai Chi
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