The Diabetes Frail team will assist with the following Strategic Priorities:

  • Positioning Diabetes Frail as one of the top not-for-profit research and educational organisations exploring the emergence of frailty as a better-defined concept in ageing populations and its association with diabetes.
  • By building on the reputation of  IDOP (previously established by Professor Alan Sinclair, Director) to enable Diabetes Frail to be one of the top not for profit research organizations involved in UK and international health-related academic activity.
  • To be recognised as a provider of client led enterprise and innovation.
  • To have well-informed and committed ambassadors (clinicians, staff, clients and stakeholders).
  • Respond to UK government requests to lead on initiatives in diabetes care for older people – Professor Sinclair is the National Clinical Lead for the Older Peoples Diabetes Network (OPDN)  (UK)
  • To continue to undertake national audits of diabetes care in selected healthcare settings – GP surgeries, care homes, the community, hospitals, etc such as the recently completed National Diabetes Care Home Audit.
  • To keep the important objective of Diabetes Frail to identify and review examples of Best Clinical Practice relating to diabetes care of older people in the UK and abroad
  • To maintain a leading international position in clinical guideline development in older people with diabetes
  • To deliver an excellent client experience and achieve high levels of satisfaction on objective client assessment feedback
    • To conduct high-quality research into diabetes and related metabolic disease in older people
    • To investigate the relationship between diabetes and frailty by clinical and basic science research
    • To enhance the quality of diabetes care for older people through new initiatives in clinical practice, audit and research
    • To provide a forum for discussion between health professionals and scientists, and involve people with diabetes, their carers and families, in programmes which promote their health and well-being
  • Building on the previous work of IDOP in Bedfordshire, to:
    • Establish sustainable academic partnerships
    • Ensure policies and strategies are developed to meet the needs of older people with diabetes

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