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LWDP training 1Professor Alan Sinclair has developed an impressive track record of diabetes research and education for care home settings and will be announcing shortly his plans for providing a fit-for-purpose, tailored and high quality diabetes and educational platform on care home diabetes suitable for all grades of clinicians and care home staff. This work will be outside the current activity of Diabetes Frail and will be developed with former NHS colleagues as part of a medical educational company he established approximately 10 years ago.

Part of this initiative will be to assist clients identifying their training needs for their staff.  The programmes can be agreed and then provided for delivery of services. The services that would be provided will be very competitive.

The ‘educational package’ already developed includes:

  • Three on-line educational modules
  • Detailed workbooks
  • Evidence-based national and international clinical guidance
  • Recommendations by Professor Alan Sinclair following collaboration with Stakeholders/diabetes organisations
  • Educational DVD
  • Pocket cards
  • Pre-study and post-study assessment


Professor Sinclair and colleagues had also previously developed a ‘Train the Trainers’ (TTT) programme based on feedback from several successful workshops in Northamptonshire involving care home staff and also from pilot initiatives involving colleagues in Lancashire. A TTT programme would involve a 1-2 based course involving ‘faculty’ staff organised by Professor Sinclair that can be delivered in Birmingham or London.  This programme currently expects to have available three versions:

Version A:  For clinicians/nurses based in primary and community care suitable for training other clinicians/nurses in the essential components of diabetes care for residents of care home.

Version B: For clinicians/nurses in primary and community care to equip them with the knowledge and skills in diabetes to train/educate health care assistants (HCAs) in Care Homes 

Version C: For healthcare care assistants (HCAs) working in care homes to provide them with the basic knowledge and skills in diabetes care within care homes

Topics covered in the TTT courses include:

  • Empowerment of diabetes self care for residents
  • Monitoring
  • Nutritional key aspects
  • Maintaining well being and quality of life
  • Hypoglycaemia and its avoidance
  • Use of a ‘Hypo’ kit in care homes
  • Early detection of urinary and respiratory infections
  • What is safe but ‘effective’ glucose control?
  • How to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Insulin administration
  • When to call the GP?


For further information write to:

Caroline Sinclair, Administrator on: [email protected]

Care home diabetes education for clinicians and health care assistants
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