Clinical Guideline Development at the Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People (FDROP)    

The Foundation represents an academic arm of Diabetes Frail and its primary focus is to create new initiatives in the study of diabetes mellitus in Older People. The current activity of FDROP is wider than a pure research focus and guideline development is an important contribution that FDROP can make to enhancing diabetes care in Older People. It’s activity in this area can be summarised follows:

National and International Clinical Guideline Development
The Director of the Foundation (Professor Alan Sinclair) has important leading roles in the following guideline development groups:

Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS)
At the request of Professor Mike Sampson (Chair, JBDS), an inpatient guideline for frail older adults is being developed. Working closely with the writing group, we hope to produce a fit for purpose, practical, and implementable set of guidance recommendations that can work in the NHS, and bring about an improvement in diabetes care for this rather vulnerable sector of the population. This work is due to be completed end summer 2018 before being circulated for consultation.

Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD)
Working closely with Dr Alison Gallagher of Leicester, Professor Sinclair is leading Guideline development in the area of the management of Frailty in those with diabetes. Due to be completed mid-late summer 2018.

European Diabetes Working Party for Older People (EDWPOP)
Already associated with three international guidance publications, the EDWPOP (Chair Prof Alan Sinclair) is revising its 2011 guidance. An updated writing group is already reviewing and revising sections, and an International Advisory Group will review the completed version before its is due for completion in August 2018.

Task Force (Writing Committee) of the American Endocrine Society (AES), USA
Professor Sinclair is one of three to four other external experts who are contributing to the development of new guidance on managing Diabetes in older adults. It represents a timely development in North America and centres on evidence-based approaches to care. This work has been ongoing for over 2 years with expectations that it will be published soon.

Clinical Guideline Development at the Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People (FDROP)    
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