Ongoing Projects

SPRINTT – The SPRINTT (Sarcopaenia & Physical fRailty iN older people: multi-component Treatment strategies) initiative consists of a large, multi-centre, randomised trial comparing the efficacy of a multi-component intervention (based on long-term structured physical activity and nutritional counselling) versus a Healthy Ageing Lifestyle Education (HALE) programme for preventing disability in older adults with physical frailty and sarcopaenia. For more information, click here.




DIABFRAIL-LATAM– Starting in 2019 and taking place in 5 Latin American countries, DIABFRAIL-LATAM intends to build on the results of 3 EU-funded projects through the scaling up of a multimodal intervention in frail, older people with diabetes. For more information, click here.


Recently Completed Projects

FRAIL CLINIC – The aim of FRAIL CLINIC is to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of programmes designed to detect and manage frail older patients in high risk clinical settings, and thereby to avoid functional impairment and other associated adverse outcomes. For more information, click here.



FRAILOMIC– FRAILOMIC is an international initiative that focuses on an under-researched area in frailty research by aiming to use biomarkers to determine the factors that convert frailty into disability. The main objective of the study is to develop clinical instruments that can predict the risk of frailty, improve the diagnostic accuracy of frailty in day-to-day practice and assess the prognosis of frailty in terms of disability and other adverse outcomes. For more information, click here.

FRAILTOOLS – FRAILTOOLS is a European Union-funded project that can be summarised as a comprehensive validation of tools to screen and diagnose frailty in different clinical and social settings with the objective to provide assessment instruments for integrated care in older adults. For more information, click here.

MIDFRAIL – MID-FRAIL was a EU-funded randomised control trial that took place in 7 EU countries. It consisted of a multimodal exercise and nutritional intervention in pre-frail and frail patients with Diabetes. For more information, click here.

VIVIFRAIL – Vivifrail was a European Union-funded project that emphasised the importance of frailty and its prevention/management in older people. The project consisted of an educational programme designed for health and social care professionals, with the objective of increasing awareness and knowledge on the topic of frailty and suitable nutrition and exercise based interventions. For more information, click here.


Current research projects
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