Are you in dire need of a detox product? The Ultra THC Magic Detox is the best detox product you should consider if you want to pass a saliva, urine, or blood drug test in 7 days. If you read on, you will find in this article the Ultra THC Magic Detox reviews of 2022 and everything you need to know about the product to help cleanse THC toxins from your body.

Not passing a drug test has grievous consequences. Likewise, there are many cleansing products in the market that you cannot bank on. As a result, you must make the right choice of detox products to avoid wasting your hard-earned money, losing your job or an employment opportunity, being unfavoured by the outcome of a legal matter, and being ineligible to participate in any event. Here, you will also learn how to use Ultra THC Magic Detox to beat a drug test.


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Overall description

Suppose you ask, “do detox pills work for drug test?” Yes, detox pills are cleansing pills that help to clear off THC metabolites in the body. Detox pills are effective and excellent for detoxing because they target weed metabolites and encourage the body to clear them off through a comprehensive and detailed approach. Further, detox pills are legal and available over the counter, so you don’t need to worry about being caught purchasing or using illegal drugs.

There are several detoxing capsules around you. However, there aren’t enough rules about these detox capsules, which makes it challenging to know what is in them and why they work and choose which is best to pass drug tests within the limited available time. Nevertheless, detox pills are an excellent alternative if you do not fancy taking too much liquid, as in detox teas or drinks. At the same time, if you are heavy user, you may boost effect, bulking detox pills with detox drink, such as Mega Clean.

Ultra THC Magic Detox to pass drug test

The best detox pill in the market is the Ultra THC Magic Detox pill, a herbal weed detox without side effects. Interestingly, the product has powerful detoxifying ingredients that can help you eliminate drug testing fears and naturally get the job done in 7 days. Thus, after using the detox pill, you can be sure of being indefinitely detoxified, provided that you do not take any cannabis product.

The Ultra THC Detox product consists of 42 capsules made up of a proprietary organic blend of natural supplements and herbs that help detoxify the body system. The herb in the detox pill help target the fat cells containing THC metabolites and stimulates the fat cells to break open and release the toxins into the bloodstream. On the other hand, the natural supplements in the pill increase urine output and help the body to rapidly and effectively remove toxins.

Ultra THC Magic Detox instructions

The detox pill is straightforward to use in a few steps, and you will avoid a positive drug test result if you follow the use instructions below.

  • Take 2 capsules with 16 Oz of water 3 times per day.
  • Repeat the 6 capsules daily for 7 days until the test day.

Listed below are helpful tips to make you have an effective detoxing process.

  • Start the detox program in the morning when you first wake up.
  • The capsules must be taken in the morning, at lunchtime, and at bedtime.
  • You can use the capsules with or without food.
  • Avoid consuming cannabis or THC products, alcohol, low-fat diets, multivitamins, and caffeine, as they add to the toxin concentrations in the body.
  • Drink lots of water and cranberry juice during the 7-day detox.


One of the questions that people often ask is, “do Ultra THC Magic Detox really work?” Yes, it works effectively because of its 7 natural and herbal ingredients. These ingredients are extracts of some of the most potent herbs and are briefly discussed below.

  1. Organic burdock root

Burdock root contains antioxidants and other medicinal properties, making it a well-known and effective blood purifier.

  1. Organic goldenseal root

It helps detoxify the digestive tract and, thus, eliminates the toxins hiding in the digestive tract, which would find their way into the bloodstream or urine with time.

  1. Organic Pau D’Arco bark

The herb attracts irregular body toxins and drug metabolites and stimulates the kidney to remove them through the urine. It also cleanses the bladder.

  1. Organic sheep sorrel herb

It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial that helps to increase the rate of detoxification.

  1. Organic rhubarb root

Rhubarb root is excellent for detoxifying the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

  1. Organic cat’s claw root

Cat’s claw helps with detoxifying the kidney and increasing urine output.

  1. Organic dandelion root

It helps to break down fat cells to release toxins and drug metabolites. It also helps to detoxify the kidney and liver and increases urine production.

Manufacturer, Support and Certificates

Herbal Solutions Inc. has manufactured Ultra THC Magic Detox since 2007. Herbal Solutions Inc. produces a wide range of products to meet the needs of people who aim to improve their health and wellness, specifically for cannabis users, to enable them to pass a drug test. Further, the product has been put through lab tests, is GMP certified, and contains non-GMO ingredients. Below is an additional manufacturer and support information.

Address 103 Coronado St, Saint Augustine, FL 32080-3760
Phone +1386-871-0178

+1 888-492-1115

Email [email protected]
Contact Us


Unfortunately, an internet search for “where to buy Ultra THC Magic Detox capsules” or “Ultra THC Magic Detox near me” will not provide you with several online stores to buy the product because you can only purchase the product from the manufacturer’s website. A bottle of the product containing 42 capsules costs $89.99, but you can get a discount as high as 30% and buy for $57.99.

Further, you can also get 2 bottles at a discounted price of $97.99, 3 bottles at $129.99, 4 bottles at $149.99, and 5 bottles at $165.99. There is also free shipping to any place in the USA, and all orders are shipped in plain USPS mailing envelopes to ensure confidentially. Lastly, there is a 30-day refund guarantee.


  • It ultimately helps to flush out THC from the body (urine, saliva and blood) after 7 days
  • It is effective for any weight up to 320 pounds
  • It is safe and healthy because it is made up of all-natural diuretics and ingredients (herbs)
  • It is perfect for moderate and heavy marijuana or cannabis products users
  • The product is 10x more efficient than other store-bought or over-the-counter THC detox pills
  • The product has no harsh chemicals and potential side effects
  • The product is non-GMO


  • It is expensive as it costs about $90
  • It can cause allergic reactions for allergy-inclined people
  • The product may be illegal in some states in the USA
  • It is not suitable for a urine drug test if you have no time. In such a case, you should use Powdered Urine.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How long do detox pills take to work?

Detox pills start detoxing the body immediately after use. Similarly, the Ultra THC Magic Detox pills begin to work directly but take 7 days to work properly. Even so, many people are cleansed on days 4 – 5. However, you should use the product for 7 days if you have the luxury of time.

  1. How long will the product work?

You will remain cleansed for as long as you stay away from marijuana or other cannabis products because the Ultra THC Detox capsules aid in removing all toxins from your body permanently.

  1. Can it be detected during a drug test?

The product cannot be detected during a drug test because it does not help to cheat on a drug test or illegally alter the results of a drug test. Instead, Ultra THC Magic Detox was designed to help eliminate all toxins from the body naturally so you can pass saliva, blood, or urine tests the best way.

  1. What are the ingredients of the detox pill?

The Ultra THC Detox pills are safe and healthy and contain 7 of the most potent detoxifying herbs and natural supplements, which are:

  • Organic Sheep Sorrel Herb
  • Organic Rhubarb Root
  • Organic Pau D’Arco Bark
  • Organic Goldenseal
  • Organic Dandelion Root
  • Organic Cat’s Claw Bark
  • Organic Burdock Root
  1. Will I get embarrassed about ordering the product?

No, because there are no visible references to marijuana on the product’s packaging, and all orders are shipped in plain USPS mailing envelopes to ensure confidentially.

  1. Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects because the Ultra THC Detox pills are 100% natural and only contain organic herbal extracts. However, it is vital to verify that you do not have allergies to any of the product’s ingredients. Further, it is strongly advised that people with kidney disease/disorder, pregnant or nursing women, or persons under 18 stay away from the product.

Customer reviews

Positive Ultra THC Detox pills review



This user is a heavy weed smoker who is clear beyond doubt that the Ultra THC Magic Detox pills helped him detoxify within a week, which would have taken him longer if he didn’t use the pills.



This user testifies that the Ultra THC Magic Detox product is reliable and that it is best to follow the use instructions for the entire 7 days.



This user emphasized the significance of eating healthy, exercising, and drinking lots of water to help improve the effectiveness of the detox pills. He also stressed that one could stay free of toxins after weeks of initial detox, provided that one does not consume drugs.


Negative review


The Ultra THC Magic Detox didn’t work for this user despite doing everything needed. However, one can argue that he didn’t stop consuming cannabis products during the detox period.



With the Ultra THC Magic Detox pills, you don’t need to worry about passing saliva, urine, or blood drug tests. The product is excellent for quick detoxification and permanently flushing THC out of the body to beat a drug test within 7 days. It is also trusted and recommended by many users of marijuana and other cannabis products.

Another significant benefit of using the Ultra THC Magic Detox pills is that the 16 Oz water taken with each dose may not dilute your urine. So, you may not need to take creatine or B vitamins to mask your urine. It is equally essential to follow the product’s use and other helpful hints shared to ensure an effective detoxing process. It would also help if you abstained from smoking weed and consuming edibles and oils with THC contents and verified if detox products are legal in your state.


Ultra THC Magic Detox Pills Review
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