About The Study

Vivifrail is a European Union-funded project that emphasises the importance of frailty and its prevention/management in older people. The project consists of an educational programme designed for health and social care professionals, with the objective of increasing awareness and knowledge on the topic of frailty and suitable nutrition and exercise based interventions.


In accordance with the overall aim of knowledge development, the Vivifrail project in the UK has the following set objectives:

  • The design and presentation of face to face teaching materials for a range of health and social care professionals, held at the Medici Medical Practice, Luton
  • To develop an easily accessible web-based educational programme, including informative text, pictures and educational quizzes
  • To develop a range of innovative awareness materials for health and social care professionals including leaflets, brochures and fact sheets
  • To create a brief educational Vivifrail DVD to supplement and summarise all other learning resources


The project leader is Prof Mikel Izquierdo of Pamplona, Spain, and other partners involved are:


Applicant organisation Name


1 Project Leader

Universidad Pública de Navarra



 Hospitaux de Toulouse, France



Diabetes Frail Ltd

United Kingdom


Hospital Universitario de Getafe



Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



Agaplesion Bethesda Krankenhaus


Key Aims

The five EU countries involved in the project are collaborating in order to disseminate knowledge and awareness of frailty in older people and ways in which frailty and accidental falls can be prevented and/or managed. The Vivifrail study in the UK primarily aims to educate health and social care professionals on the topic of frailty and the importance of physical activity prescription combined with nutritional intervention in the prevention and treatment of frailty in older people.

The plan for the project includes face-to-face training or distance learning, and will target:

  • Care home staff, social workers and allied health professionals
  • Nurses, GPs and hospital doctors
  • Diabetes Specialists

With the main focus on appropriate nutrition and exercise prescription for older people with frailty, the topics covered within this educational programme will include:














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