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‘Individualise care’ say diabetes experts for older people

Oct 08, 2018 by admin Comments are off Frailty, sarcopenia, and the importance of physical activity and individualised care were themes of the 5th National Conference of the Older People’s Diabetes Network (OPDN). The challenge of how to improve the care of older people with diabetes was addressed at the latest meeting of the network […]

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  O’Connor, E. M., O’Herlihy, E. A., & O’Toole, P. W. (2014). Gut microbiota in older subjects: variation, health consequences and dietary intervention prospects. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 73(04), 441-451. Bamford, C., Heaven, B., May, C., & Moynihan, P. (2012). Implementing nutrition guidelines for older people in residential care homes: a qualitative study using […]


About The Study Vivifrail is a European Union-funded project that emphasises the importance of frailty and its prevention/management in older people. The project consists of an educational programme designed for health and social care professionals, with the objective of increasing awareness and knowledge on the topic of frailty and suitable nutrition and exercise based interventions. […]

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OPDN conference 2016

Jul 01, 2016 by admin Comments are off OPDN Diabetes Frail is hosting a conference to help “bridge the gap” between older people with the condition and specialists from across the country. In an attempt to improve the care of older people with diabetes, the not-for-profit organisation has launched the Older People’s Diabetes Network (OPDN) […]


1. Tai Chi is best suited for:  Older people  Young and fit people  All of the above  None of the above 2. Tai Chi was originally developed for which primary use?  Martial arts  Health and vitality  Meditation 3. Regular Tai Chi practise reduces the risk of high blood pressure.  True  False 4. Tai Chi can […]

Theresa May

Type 1 diabetes at Number 10: how the PM copes Jul 28, 2016 by admin Comments are off Theresa May, Type 1 diabetes By Philip Ivory Chair of the Patient’s Forum Older Peoples Diabetes Network (OPDN) On July 13 this year Theresa May was declared Britain’s 76th Prime Minister (PM) following a period of intense political turmoil […]

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Wang, C., Collet, J. P., & Lau, J. (2004). The effect of Tai Chi on health outcomes in patients with chronic conditions: a systematic review. Archives of internal medicine, 164(5), 493-501.   Li, F., Harmer, P., Fisher, K. J., McAuley, E., Chaumeton, N., Eckstrom, E., & Wilson, N. L. (2005). Tai Chi and fall […]

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