1. Approximately what percentages of women over 50 do not participate in enough physical activity to benefit their health?





2. Older adults are least likely to benefit from physical activity.



3. Lack of physical activity can lead to:





4. The goal for older people is to build up to ____ of endurance exercise on most days of the week?





5. Which of these activities is ideal for older people with frailty?






6. What percentage of your maximum heart rate should older people aim for when performing moderate intensity exercise?





7. Which of these types of exercise is best to help maintain strong bones?





8. An older person’s exercise programme should include activities that develop flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance.



9. Aerobic/endurance exercise can be just as effective as medications for treating severe depression in seniors.



10. Which of the following exercises will NOT help build bone and prevent fractures?





11. Which condition usually makes it impossible to engage in vigorous exercise?






12. Many exercises can be done from a wheelchair.



13. Approximately what percentage of adults aged >65 years fall each year?





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