Foundation launches to push barriers of research

A new research mission devoted to the study of diabetes and related metabolic diseases and their association with frailty has been launched.

Professor Alan Sinclair has opened up The Foundation of Diabetes Research in Older People to conduct high-quality research into the relationship between diabetes and frailty.

The venture is the research arm of Diabetes Frail, the not-for-profit company set up by Professor Sinclair in summer 2014 as a logical development to continue the work of the Institute of Diabetes for Older People (IDOP), which has closed.

The foundation has secured a number of leading research studies into diabetes and frailty, including MID-Frail examining the effectiveness of combining optimised medical management with exercise and dietary programmes to maintain function and quality of life in people aged 70 years and over who have Type 2 diabetes.

Professor Sinclair, who is a world-lead expert in diabetes and older people, said: “The ultimate goal is achieve excellence in diabetes care for older people. We will be deeply committed to this task by ensuring policies and strategies are developed to meet the needs of older people with diabetes.

“I am very lucky that many of my colleagues who I previously worked with are continuing their collaborations with us. We will look to continue the work of IDOP by working towards embedding a national framework of best practice and guidelines founded on evidence-based research.”

Diabetes Frail specialises in training health and social care professionals in the basic and intermediate care of residents with diabetes in care homes. Diabetes Frail will also be working collaboratively to continue a more active phase of the Older People’s Diabetes Network (OPDN) by working to secure its future through sponsorship.

The foundation will be formally launched at a special event in June.


Foundation launches to push barriers of research
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