Email Professor Alan Sinclair Director Prof Sinclair is an internationally and nationally recognised researcher in the field of diabetes in older people. He is a World Health Organisation (WHO)-recognised expert in diabetes and in 2014 was appointed to the WHO and International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) Expert Group on Frailty reflecting his work in […]

Current research projects

Ongoing Projects SPRINTT – The SPRINTT (Sarcopaenia & Physical fRailty iN older people: multi-component Treatment strategies) initiative consists of a large, multi-centre, randomised trial comparing the efficacy of a multi-component intervention (based on long-term structured physical activity and nutritional counselling) versus a Healthy Ageing Lifestyle Education (HALE) programme for preventing disability in older adults with physical […]

Portfolio of work

We have an exciting portfolio of work which all aims to further explore the emerging importance of frailty as a better-defined concept in ageing populations and its association with diabetes. Care home training Global Initiative in Diabetes for Older People Current research projects Clinical networks Collaborations  

Global Initiative in Diabetes for Older People

Professor Alan Sinclair is leading a ‘Global Initiative in Diabetes for Older People’ on behalf of the International Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology (IAGG). The world-leading diabetes expert was invited to lead the project, which will provide a comprehensive electronic suite of resources, by Professor Bruno Vellas, Past President of the (IAGG). Professor Sinclair said: […]

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